Percentage share of Consumers Willing to Pay Extra by Product Feature and Age Group

Quality vs. Locality: Dissecting what motivates Gen Z to Baby Boomers to spend more

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Data Highlights

  • Across all generations, quality and trust in brands are the top factors for paying extra.
  • Gen Z tops the chart, with over half willing to pay more for high-quality products.

  • Millennials closely follow, with just over half willing to pay extra for quality.

  • Trust is key for Gen Z and Millennials, with 42% and 39% respectively paying more for trusted brands.

  • Baby Boomers show the most willingness to pay for local products, at 35%.

  • Sustainable goods are more important to younger generations, with 37% of Gen Z willing to pay more.

  • Health and wellness products see a high willingness to pay across all, led by Gen Z at 40%.


In the diverse market landscape, understanding generational differences in spending can guide brands' pricing strategies. This insight brief explores how different age groups value product features when considering higher prices.

Gen Z: Champions of Quality and Sustainability

Gen Z leads the way, with more than half willing to pay extra for high-quality items. They also prioritize sustainable goods, reflecting their concern for the environment.

Millennials: A Close Second, Valuing Trust

Following Gen Z, Millennials show a strong preference for quality and brand trust. They also support sustainable products, signaling their forward-thinking mindset.

Gen X: Balancing Quality with Practicality

Gen Xers demonstrate a balanced approach. While they value quality, their willingness to pay more is more reserved compared to younger generations.

Baby Boomers: Tradition and Local Pride

Baby Boomers are most likely to invest in local products. They show a modest preference for quality and trust, valuing traditional buying factors.

Convenience: A Lesser but Universal Factor

Convenience influences all age groups but to a lesser extent. It's clear that while convenience matters, other factors take precedence when it comes to extra spending.

Insights and Opportunities

The data reveals a trend: younger generations, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, are willing to invest in quality and trust. Baby Boomers prioritize locality, indicating varied marketing approaches are needed.

For brands considering price hikes, the message is to focus on quality and trust for younger audiences, and emphasize local origins for older consumers. Understanding these preferences can help brands tailor their pricing strategies to meet the expectations of each demographic, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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