Percent of shoppers by what they look for when going over User Generated Content on Product Detail Page

What Do Shoppers Seek in User Generated Content on Product Detail Pages?

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Data Highlights

  • Over three-fifths of shoppers look for value for money in user-generated content on product detail pages.

  • Half of the shoppers focus on the quality of materials as mentioned in user-generated content.

  • Nearly half of the shoppers check if the product matches its description in user-generated content.

  • An equal proportion of shoppers, nearly half, use user-generated content to see how the product looks in real life.


Exploring shopper behavior is key to understanding e-commerce success. This insight brief delves into what shoppers seek in user-generated content (UGC) on product detail pages. We focus on the aspects of UGC that most influence their purchasing decisions.

Seeking Value for Money

The primary concern for shoppers in UGC is value for money. Over three-fifths of shoppers prioritize this aspect. They want to know if the product is worth its price. This concern for cost-effectiveness leads them to carefully scrutinize UGC for insights on value.

Quality of Materials Matters

Following value for money, half of the shoppers are keen on the quality of materials. This reflects a desire for durability and product effectiveness. Shoppers rely on UGC to verify the material quality, which is often hard to gauge through standard product descriptions.

Accuracy in Product Descriptions

Nearly half of the shoppers look at UGC to check if the product matches its description. This is crucial for building trust in online shopping, where physical examination isn’t possible. Accurate UGC descriptions lead shoppers towards a more confident purchase decision.

Real-Life Appearance

Equally important, nearly half of the shoppers use UGC to see how the product looks in real life. They seek a realistic view beyond professional photos to understand the actual appearance and size of the product.

Insights and Opportunities

This data highlights the critical role of UGC in online shopping. Shoppers value UGC for its real-life insights into value, quality, accuracy, and appearance. For brands, this means prioritizing UGC on product pages is essential. By showcasing authentic customer experiences and perspectives, brands can enhance trust and encourage informed purchase decisions. The insights gained here can guide e-commerce strategies, making product pages more effective and customer-centric.

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