Captivating Shoppers: The Power of User-Generated Content on Product Detail Pages

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Maximizing Influence The Impact of Shopper-Generated Content on Purchase Decisions
Visual Assurance The Essential Role of Branded and User-Generated Media in Confident Purchasing

Data Highlights

  • Nearly four out of every five shoppers are influenced by reviews on product detail pages. A similar proportion of shoppers, just slightly less, find Q&As crucial for their purchase decisions. Around two-thirds of shoppers consider user-submitted product photos important when making a purchase.

  • Nearly three-quarters of shoppers trust user-generated content more than brand-provided content on product detail pages.

  • More than half of shoppers are unlikely to buy a product without shopper content to inform their decision.

  • Shoppers spend over five minutes reading shopper content before deciding to buy.

  • For high-priced items, this reading time extends to over thirty minutes.

  • Over four-fifths of shoppers need to see branded photos on a product detail page to make a confident purchase.

  • Around three-quarters of shoppers look for user-generated photos to feel confident in their purchase.

  • About three-quarters of shoppers also prefer to see branded videos on product detail pages.

  • Nearly seven out of ten shoppers value seeing user-generated videos for a confident purchase decision.


In the dynamic world of online shopping, understanding shopper behavior and preferences is vital. The influence of shopper-generated content on purchasing decisions cannot be overstated. This insight brief explores how different types of user content on product detail pages capture shopper attention and drive sales. It also delves into the significant impact of shopper-generated content on product detail pages. By examining recent data, we reveal how this content influences purchasing decisions and shopper engagement.

Reviews: The Trust Builders

Reviews are at the heart of shopper decision-making, with nearly four out of five shoppers influenced by them. These personal testimonials offer credibility and real-world insights. They build a foundation of trust that other content types aspire to match.

Q&As: Personalized Insights

Following closely, with a similar influence level, are Q&As. These sections offer a personalized touch, directly addressing shoppers' unique concerns. This personalized approach not only informs but also connects shoppers to the product in a more meaningful way, paving the way for a deeper understanding through visual content.

Shopper-Submitted Product Photos: Visual Validation

Around two-thirds of shoppers are influenced by product photos submitted by other shoppers. These images provide a realistic view of the product, adding a layer of authenticity. They bridge the gap between professional imagery and real-world use, offering a relatable visual experience.

The Trust Factor in User-Generated Content

The trust shoppers place in user-generated content (UGC) is undeniable. A notable three-quarters of shoppers express more trust in UGC over brand-provided content. This preference highlights the authenticity and relatability they find in content from fellow consumers. Understanding this trust can guide brands in content strategy.

Time Spent: A Measure of Engagement

Shoppers often spend more than five minutes reading UGC before making a purchase. This duration increases to over thirty minutes for high-priced items. This indicates that the more involved the purchase, the more time shoppers invest in seeking opinions from their peers.

The Influence of Visuals in Purchasing Decisions

Nearly four-fifths of shoppers need to see branded photos to make a confident purchase, closely followed by the desire to see user-generated photos. This visual need extends to videos as well, with over two-thirds seeking UGC videos. These stats show how vital both professional and user-contributed visuals are in the buying process.

Insights and Opportunities

This data underscores the significant impact of shopper-generated content in e-commerce. Reviews, Q&As, and user-submitted photos each play a unique role in shaping purchasing decisions. For brands, integrating these elements effectively on product detail pages is key to creating a trustworthy, engaging shopper experience. Leveraging this content wisely can lead to higher conversions and customer satisfaction.

The data also points to clear trends: shoppers value authenticity and peer opinions highly. They spend considerable time engaging with UGC, especially for expensive items. Brands should note these insights to design more effective product detail pages. Incorporating UGC alongside professional content can create a more trustworthy and relatable shopping experience, ultimately influencing purchase decisions.

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