Shoppers (43%) Favor Review Request Emails for Post-Purchase Outreach

Which Channels Do Shoppers Prefer for Post-Purchase Brand Outreach?

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Data Highlights

  • Nearly half of shoppers prefer receiving review request emails after making a purchase.

  • Text message prompts are preferred by over a fifth of shoppers for post-purchase outreach.

  • In-person and retailer app prompts each capture the interest of 20% of shoppers.

  • Social media prompts are favored by 17% of shoppers for brand outreach following a purchase.


This insight brief explores shoppers' preferred communication channels for brand outreach following a purchase. Understanding these preferences is crucial for businesses aiming to foster customer engagement and encourage feedback.

The Dominance of Email

Review request emails emerge as the clear favorite, with 43% of shoppers preferring this method. This preference underscores the effectiveness of email in reaching customers in a direct yet non-intrusive manner.

Text Messages and Personal Touch

Text message prompts are the second most preferred channel, chosen by 21% of shoppers. This suggests that many customers appreciate the convenience and immediacy of SMS communications.

The Role of In-Person and Apps

Both in-person and retailer app prompts tie for the interest of 20% of shoppers. These methods indicate that a significant portion of consumers respond well to direct engagement either during their in-store experience or through digital platforms they frequently use.

Social Media's Influence

Social media prompts are preferred by 17% of shoppers, highlighting its role as an emerging channel for customer engagement post-purchase, though it ranks lower compared to other methods.

Insights and Opportunities

The data highlights the pivotal role of email in post-purchase communication, with text messages also playing a significant role. E-commerce sites, retailers, and consumer brands should prioritize these channels to reach their target audience effectively. By crafting engaging and personalized review request emails and text messages, businesses can encourage feedback and foster a stronger connection with their customers.

Additionally, leveraging in-app notifications and in-person interactions can complement these efforts, catering to the varied preferences of their customer base. Social media, while less preferred for direct post-purchase outreach, remains an important tool for broader engagement strategies.

Tailoring content and ad creatives to resonate with the audience across these preferred channels can guide customers towards more meaningful interactions and feedback, ultimately driving loyalty and repeat purchases.

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