Almost Half of Shoppers Prefer Consuming Reviews Over Submitting Their Own

How likely are Shoppers to Read and Write Online Reviews?

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Data Highlights

  • Nearly half of shoppers prefer reading reviews to writing their own.

  • Over a third are willing to share their opinion when prompted to rate a product.

  • Only a small fraction actively seek out chances to review products.


In the digital marketplace, understanding how consumers interact with reviews is key to enhancing their shopping experience. This insight brief examines the balance between reading and writing reviews among online shoppers, shedding light on consumer behavior in the review ecosystem.

Consuming Over Contributing

The majority of online shoppers, nearly half, indicate they are more inclined to read reviews and opinions than to submit their own. This tendency highlights the importance of reviews in the purchasing decision process, as shoppers seek validation and insights from their peers before committing to a buy.

Willingness to Share When Prompted

A significant portion of consumers, over a third, are open to sharing their opinions on products when specifically asked to rate them. This openness suggests that while not all shoppers naturally gravitate towards writing reviews, many can be encouraged to contribute with the right prompt.

A Select Few Lead the Charge

A smaller fraction of the consumer base, about one in six, actively seeks opportunities to share their opinions and frequently reviews products. This group represents the vocal minority that drives much of the user-generated content on e-commerce platforms.

Insights and Opportunities

The data reveals a clear preference among shoppers for consuming reviews over writing them, with a notable willingness to contribute when prompted. E-commerce sites, retailers, and consumer brands can leverage this by encouraging more review submissions through direct requests and making the process as easy as possible.

Enhancing visibility for the most helpful reviews and rewarding active contributors could further stimulate engagement. Creating engaging, interactive platforms where feedback is valued and highlighted can transform passive readers into active participants.

By nurturing a community that supports and values each other's insights, businesses can foster a more dynamic and informative shopping environment, ultimately guiding consumers towards more confident purchasing decisions.

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