Percent of shoppers by content they look for in first 20 seconds of landing on the Product page

First Impressions Count: The Power of Shopper Generated Content on Product Pages

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Data Highlights

  • High Quality Reviews top the list, with 21% of shoppers looking for them first.

  • Average star ratings catch the attention of 19% of shoppers early on.

  • Details that resonate with shoppers' needs and number of reviews both interest 13% in the first moments.

  • Shopper photos are important for 9% of early viewers.

  • Review Recency matters to 8% of shoppers right away.

  • Presence of Q&A sections engages 6% of shoppers initially.


When shoppers land on a product page, what grabs their attention? This insight brief dives into the shopper-generated content that makes viewers stay and engage.

The Draw of Authentic Reviews

At the top, 21% of shoppers seek out high-quality reviews first. These insights from fellow customers are crucial in forming a good first impression.

Star Power

Next up, average star ratings are a beacon for 19% of visitors. A product's overall score can make or break the interest of potential buyers.

Personal Connection

Details in reviews resonate with shoppers' needs, and the sheer number of reviews both matter to 13% of people. These points connect shoppers to the product on a personal level.

Visual Proof

Shopper photos are a must-see for 9%, offering visual validation of a product's quality and usage in real life.

Timeliness Matters

Review recency is key for 8% of shoppers, highlighting the need for up-to-date feedback.

Engaging Interactions

Questions and answers on the page draw in 6%, suggesting that active customer engagement boosts confidence.

Responsive Brands

Brand responses to negative reviews show accountability, important to 5% of viewers right from the start.

Video Insights

Lastly, shopper videos may influence 4% of potential buyers, offering a dynamic look at the product.

Insights and Opportunities

User-generated content is a powerful tool on product detail pages. High-quality reviews and ratings are vital in capturing shopper attention in those first critical seconds.

For e-commerce sites, the message is clear: Feature authentic reviews and up-to-date ratings prominently. Encourage and showcase customer photos and engage with customer questions and feedback. These elements not only build trust but also help shoppers make informed decisions quickly. By leveraging these insights, brands can craft product pages that not only attract but also retain customer interest.

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