Share of Time Spent on Spoken Word Audio Platforms by Location Among Americans Aged 13 and Above

Podcasts Take the Lead: A Top Choice at Home and Work for Americans


Data Highlights

  • Podcasts
    • They dominate in locations outside home, work, and car, capturing 59% of listening time in these locations.
    • At work, podcasts also hold a substantial share with 45% of the listening time.
    • Even at home, podcasts maintain a strong presence with 40% of the listening time.
  • AM/FM Radio
    • The preferred platform in the car, with 62% of the listening time.
    • At home, AM/FM Radio also holds a considerable share with 41% of the listening time.
    • It has the lowest share of listening time in locations outside of home, work, and car, with only 13%.
  • Audiobooks
    • Most popular in locations outside of home, work, and car, where they account for 23% of the listening time.
    • They have the least share of listening time in the car, at only 6%.
    • At home and work, audiobooks have similar listening time shares, with 11% and 12% respectively.


Media shapes the audience's days, with spoken word audio carving its own niche in their lives. Podcasts stand out, not just for fun but as part of the audience's daily habits. Let's look at how audiences split their time between spoken word audio types.

Home Is Where the Podcast Plays

Podcasts have become a main player in the audience's homes, taking up 40% of spoken word audio time. They bring stories and voices into the audience's living rooms, becoming as familiar as family members.

Work Tunes: The Sound of Productivity

Podcasts also grab a big chunk of the audience's workday listening — 45%. They fit perfectly with busy schedules, letting the audience learn or laugh without missing a beat at work.

Everywhere Else: Podcasts Win

Step outside home and work, and podcasts still reign, with a 59% listening share. Whether the audience is working out, riding the bus, or shopping, podcasts are the go-to choice for many.

Driving Tunes: Radio Stays in the Lead

In the car, AM/FM radio keeps the top spot with 62% of the audience's listening time. It seems the audience still leans on the old favorite when they're on the road.

Niche Listening: Audiobooks and More

Audiobooks capture the audience's ears 23% of the time in places like the gym or the bus. Other audio types have their moment too, especially at work, where they fill 14% of the audience's listening time.

Insights and Opportunities

The numbers are clear: podcasts are a big deal, especially at home and work. This opens doors for marketers to reach the audience when they're most engaged. Podcasts offer something for everyone, with topics and styles that fit every interest.

For marketers, this means a chance to build real connections with the audience, whether they're at home, at work, or on the go. The data shows us that podcasts fit smoothly into the audience's lives, giving new chances to catch an audience at different times of the day. With the right approach, podcasts can be more than just a channel; they can be a key way to reach people where they are.

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