Percentage of Consumers Willing to Pay Extra for Product Features

Premium Pricing Justified: Quality Tops Consumer Priorities

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Data Highlights

  • Nearly half the shoppers are ready to spend more on High Quality Products. They value quality the most.
  • Over a third of buyers will pay more for Health and Wellness Products. They care a lot about their health.
  • Trusted Brands win with 35% of consumers willing to pay extra. Trust and reputation matter a lot.
  • Sustainable Goods attract 32% of consumers ready to spend more. People are becoming more eco-conscious.
  • About a third of shoppers will pay more for Products Made in My Country. They may prefer local products.
  • Convenience matters to 27% of consumers paying extra. It's important, but less so than other features.


When it's about spending more, what sways a buyer? Let’s dives into the features that lead shoppers to open their wallets wider. Top of the list? Quality. We will explore what else makes the cut and how much extra consumers will shell out for the perks they value.

The Lure of High Quality

Nearly half of shoppers, a striking 46 percent, will pay more for high-quality items. This isn't a surprise. People want products that last and perform well. It's a clear message: quality isn't just a buzzword; it's a purchase driver.

Health and Wellness Take Center Stage

Over a third of buyers rank their health, with 37 percent ready to spend more on products that boost well-being. Brands that highlight health benefits can expect a warm reception and a willing market.

Trustworthiness Wins Wallets

Trust isn't given lightly. A solid 35 percent of consumers will invest more in brands they trust. Building a reputation for reliability and integrity is key for brands aiming to justify higher prices.

Green is Gold

Sustainability has a price tag, and 32 percent of consumers will pay it. Eco-friendly products have moved from niche to necessity, showing that green practices can also mean making more green.

Homegrown Appeal

Products made locally have a special place in the heart, and wallets, of 29 percent of buyers. There's a growing trend to support local economies, and it's one that brands can't ignore.

Easy Does It

Finally, convenience is worth more to over a quarter of shoppers. While it's less of a priority than other factors, the ease of use still has significant pull.

Insights and Opportunities

What does all this mean for brands looking to raise their prices? The answer is clear. Lead with quality. If your product stands out in durability and performance, consumers are ready to pay the premium. But don't stop there. Emphasize health benefits, build trust, go green, and support local production. And if you can make life easier for your customer, that's a plus.

For brands, it's a balancing act. It's about more than just slapping on a higher price tag. It's about proving that your product is worth it. In a market that values substance, brands that deliver on these key features will find consumers ready and willing to pay a little more.

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