More than half of Shoppers Discover Products Through Social Media

How Crucial is Social Media in Influencing Shoppers’ Decisions?

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Data Highlights

  • Over half of shoppers often discover products or services through social media.

  • Half of the shoppers research products on social media before making a purchase.

  • Nearly half follow their favorite brands on social media platforms.

  • Less than half say social media influences their purchasing decisions directly.


In today’s digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer behavior and preferences. This insight brief explores the extent to which social media impacts the shopping journey, from product discovery to the final purchase decision.

Discovering Products on Social Media

A significant number of shoppers, over half, often find new products or services through social media. This channel has become a primary source for discovering the latest trends and offerings, showcasing the power of social networks in the initial stages of the shopping journey.

Researching Products on Social Platforms

Following the discovery, half of the shoppers turn to social media to research products. This step is crucial as it provides them with insights from reviews, comments, and shared experiences, helping to shape their perceptions and preferences.

Following Favorite Brands

Nearly half of the consumers engage deeper by following their favorite brands on social media. This engagement allows them to stay updated with new products, promotions, and brand stories, strengthening the bond between the consumer and the brand.

The Impact on Purchasing Decisions

Less than half of the shoppers admit that social media directly influences their purchasing decisions. This influence reflects the significant yet varied role social media content plays in nudging consumers towards making a purchase.

Insights and Opportunities

The data underscores social media's critical role in the consumer shopping journey. For e-commerce, retailers, and consumer brands, the key to reaching their target audience lies in leveraging social media for product discovery and engagement.

Creating compelling content and ad creatives that resonate with their audience can significantly enhance brand visibility and influence purchasing decisions. Brands should focus on building strong relationships with consumers through interactive and authentic social media experiences.

Additionally, guiding consumers from discovery to purchase requires a strategic mix of informative and persuasive content that addresses their needs and preferences.

By doing so, brands can effectively navigate the consumer's path to purchase in the social media landscape, turning interest into action.

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