Nearly three in four 18-34 Year Olds Purchase Products via Social Media

Who is Buying Through Social Media?

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Data Highlights

  • Half of all shoppers have bought products via social media.

  • Seventy-three percent of shoppers aged 18-24 have made purchases through social media.

  • The same high rate, seventy-three percent, applies to those aged 25-34.

  • Sixty-four percent of the 35-44 age group have shopped via social media.

  • Less than half, forty-eight percent, of 45-54-year-olds have used social media for purchases.

  • Only thirty-five percent of those aged 55-64 have bought products through social media.

  • A quarter of shoppers aged 65 and over have made purchases via social media.


This insight brief delves into the fascinating trend of purchasing products via social media and how this behavior varies across different age groups. By understanding these patterns, businesses can tailor their digital marketing strategies more effectively.

The Youth Lead the Charge

The youngest adult shoppers, those aged 18-24 and 25-34, are at the forefront of social commerce, with seventy-three percent reporting purchases made through social media. This high engagement level showcases the importance of social platforms in influencing young consumers' buying decisions.

A Gradual Decline with Age

As we move up the age scale to the 35-44 group, there's a noticeable drop to sixty-four percent. This trend continues, with only forty-eight percent of 45-54-year-olds and an even lower thirty-five percent of those aged 55-64 engaging in social shopping.

Seniors Less Engaged

The least engaged group is seniors (65+), with only a quarter making purchases via social media. This stark contrast with younger demographics highlights the digital divide and varying comfort levels with technology across age groups.

Insights and Opportunities

The data clearly indicates a strong age-related gradient in social media shopping, with younger users being the most active. For e-commerce, retailers, and consumer brands, this signals a need to prioritize social media marketing strategies that resonate with younger demographics.

Creating engaging, visually appealing content that speaks directly to the interests and values of the 18-34 age group can significantly boost conversion rates. However, there's also an opportunity to increase engagement among older consumers by making social shopping more accessible and trusted for them.

Simplifying the purchasing process and using targeted messaging that addresses their concerns and preferences can help bridge the gap. By adapting strategies to meet the distinct needs of each age group, brands can expand their reach and effectiveness across the entire spectrum of social media users.

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